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  • Sofia McKee


Updated: Jul 23, 2019

My journey begins as a young girl, growing up in the rural forest at the foothills of the Cascade mountains. I would dress up in my grandmother’s vintage red chiffon dress and run through the woods discovering my personal magic and honoring my witch ancestry. As I grew, I worked relentlessly on healing the childhood trauma of losing my father to suicide at age four. This healing journey led me through the exploration of many modalities that seek to assist humanity in recognizing our purpose on Earth and the gift of life. 

As a young woman, I vacillated between the desire to be a therapist or a fashion designer. I felt a deep desire to work with others in a soulful and meaningful way as a therapist, but my need for creativity and artistry pulled me towards the worlds of artists and rebels. At my mother’s suggestion, I decided to pursue cosmology, an interesting marriage of these two professions. The fourteen years I have spent as a hairstylist has been essential to my development. I have realized my feelings and desire to create beauty, to inspire and empower others so they express their Self and manifest it to the world in their own unique way. 


Striving to explore a more soulful level of work, I attended many workshops and training in various metaphysical subjects, beginning with levels One and Two of Seattle Tarot School. I partook in Synergy Yoga in an incredible teacher training with my deeply respected teachers, Tami Hafzalla and Jodi Boone. My desire to learn was all-encompassing. I enrolled in classes covering Reiki, Shamanism, five elements acupuncture, astrology, singing and music. I am currently studying a profound bodywork called Ortho-bionomy and have been in an intuitive development training for the past year and a half with Reese San-Agustin.

With all this digging,  I still felt there was something missing; something that could ground all this woo and bring it into reality. At the age of 31, I returned to college to complete my bachelor's degree in Health Psychology at Bastyr University. Bastyr, a naturopathic and alternative medicine college, was an essential part of my journey. It instilled in me the determination, grit, and tenacity that is required of a rigorous institution and a future life as an Ass-Kicking Witch. I developed critical thinking and research skills that were aimed at creating a marriage between science and spirituality. Swept up in the world of academia, I applied to graduate school at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara for Depth Psychology.  I flew down to Santa Barbara for the interview and a magical trip ensued involving the local metaphysical store, the beach, the sunsets and independence. Upon my return home I sensed there was something else waiting for me, a new untrodden path. Upon acceptance to the graduate program, it was clear that I was ready to decline the offer and take the leap towards the unknown. 

A series of serendipitous events quickly unraveled before me. My partner left her corporate job at Amazon after a decade of working as a designer and opened a bar, The Velvet Elk, in a beautiful historic building in Mount Baker.  Within a few weeks of this new venture, we learned that the waiting room of the salon next door was now available. Upon my first entry into the physical space, which sported 30-year-old dirty carpet, stained walls, spiders in every corner, and a lonely fish tank, I was instantly flooded with the vision for my new endeavor, Phantom Quartz. I surrendered to the momentum of creativity, energy, and excitement. 

As I reflect on my past I see the magick that vibed me into my current reality. Possessed with determination, tenacity and grit to search my soul and shadow in an effort to heal my ancestral and current wounds,  combined with the inner knowing and faith that something big and beautiful was to become of this work. I surrendered to this influx of inspiration and took the plunge into the unknown. 

Choosing the name, Phantom Quartz, was meaningful to me. A phantom quartz is a type of crystal that stops growing due to lack of silicone dioxide feed, otherwise known as ‘mother’. During its pause, other minerals will settle on the crystal such as cave dust or moss. Eventually, the mother will return, the conditions will rebalance and the crystals then continues to grow, integrating the mineral formation within it giving it the appearance of a phantom crystal. This can happen many times throughout the formation of the crystal, giving it a unique presence and story. For me, these crystals represent post-traumatic growth, a process of positive personal transformation and growth after a traumatic event. With these crystals, we can see the struggles and growth in their embrace and be amazed and moved by all of it as a cohesive whole. 

I now find myself sitting before my dream business. My intention with Phantom Quartz is to radiate my inspirations for beauty and healing, to offer a serene yet provoking physical environment where people are invited to discover what makes them feel alive and illuminated from the experience of beauty. I continually search high and low for magickal goods created by incredible artisans with voices that  have a fresh and alternate view of spirituality. My heartfelt intention is for Phantom Quartz to be a stage for the voices that have been repressed for eons. With this opportunity I am honored and humbled to share these special goods made by souls who are courageous in leading the spiritual renaissance; discovering one’s own truth, strength and love within, then radiating this light outwards.